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  Hypnosis and Life coachin 

If you are pregnant, not sure, or going to be please consult with your doctor before using holistic modalities.  If you are ill or under doctors care or have seizures please speak with them before using alternative health care.
For in person Hypnosis or Life Coaching session please see Services tab.

Relaxation II Bundle includes hypnosis CD, essential oil bath blend, and roll-on $15.00, bundle saves $7.00

Essential Oil Roll-On 10 ml $6.00 each or 2 for $10.00

Chose from varied roll-on's including:

Uplifting I

Uplifting II

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety Relief II

Euphoria-(Best seller)

Inner Peace





Attracting Abundance

Immune Enhancer

Relaxation Blend-(Best seller/)Most requested roll-on

Emotional Balancer

Hormonal Balancer Assist

PMS Assist

Heart-Centered Blend

Confidence Booster

(More options to come/or please ask for specific concern for a roll-on you may be interested in.)

Guide PDF Format & Recorded Hypnosis Activity MP3 Format $8.00

Mind, Body, & Soul Holistic Guide-in PDF format, Inspired Waters Activity- hypnosis in MP3 format. These are emailed to you and you can save to your preferred device to read and listen to at your convenience

Today individuals are seeking out alternative options to restore and maintain balance within mind, body, and spirit.

The 'Mind, Body, & Soul Holistic Guide,' is for anyone journeying towards complete balance with lasting results.  This transpersonal self-help guide can aid you in bridging the gap towards balance in mind, body, and spirit.

Improve your overall quality of life from a change in perspective that inspires and awakens your spirit.  Easily gain confidence, move beyond fear, and combat procrastination, by effortlessly applying beneficial strategies.

Throughout this process master the importance, tools, and techniques to managing your physical, mental, and spiritual states. Discover simple techniques to manage your life instead of allowing it to control who you are not.  We are each more powerful than we give ourselves credit for, rediscover this and find your way back to your authentic self.

Also, you will learn how to receive more in life through self-life coaching, mindfulness, and meditation. 

Additionally, discover how healing by discovering and sharing your spiritual gifts, through spiritual alignment can be obtained.

Achieve your personal mastery by managing your thoughts, then release repetitive unwanted thought patterns.  Acquire knowledge how your thoughts literally create your reality.  Then implement new skills by changing your vibration, which will manifest success in your life.

Furthermore, the CD that comes with this guide has a recorded hypnosis for relaxation, healing waters meditation, and soft-eyes activity, whereby you bring peace to your spirit.

Afterwards, expand from this by ordering a personalized hypnosis based on your needs.  Modifications you require will be added into your hypnosis script from using some of your own words and affirmation. Using your own words into the script will connect to your subconscious on a deeper level, whereby you move toward success.

Guide PDF Format & Recorded Hypnosis Activity MP3 Format $8.00

Sleep Aide Bundle includes hypnosis CD, essential oil room diffuser blend, and roll-on $15.00, bundle saves $7.00

Calm Legs PM Essential oil Blend Spray 2 ounce $8.00 each or 2 for $14.00

1-Bottle Calm Legs PM $8.00
Relaxation Bath Blend 1 ounce $8.00 each or 2 for $14.00
1-Bottle Relaxation Bath Blend $8.00
2-Bottle's Relaxation Bath Blend $14.00 (Save $2.00 when purchasing 2)

Hypnosis on CD's or emailed in MP3 format CD $12.00 or MP3 $8.00 each

Prerecorded hypnosis CDs or request an MP3 to be sent to your email. CDs $12.00 or $9.00 for PDF.  If you do not see your concern listed below call for more information.

Weight Management

Stress Management I

Sleep Well

Confidence for Success

Healing Light

Memory & Comprehension

Attracting Abundance

Prerecorded Hypnosis on CD $8.00, enter name of desired hypnosis in below box

Personalized Recorded Hypnosis MP3 Format with instructions $40.00

Personalized recorded hypnosis where I input into the script some of your own wording and affirmation.   Will email hypnosis session to you, whereby you can listen at your convenience. Please follow the below instructions, Thank you.

1. Email hypnosis.lifecoaching@gmail.com request that you want a "personalized hypnosis recording" I will email you questions and other information.  Email me back the requested information.

(Before we move to second step payment will be required)

2. Afterwards, I will email you with any additional questions or reply back with moving forward to record.  Then after payment is received will email to you your recorded hypnosis in MP3 format. Allow 2 business days to receive your personalized recorded hypnosis emailed to you, orders are processed as they are received.  Thank you.

Additionally, with this package you receive Mind, Body, & Soul Holistic Guide in PDF Format this additional tool will promote a deeper awareness that will aide you in long term success.

Personalized Recorded Hypnosis MP3 Format $40.00