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Life Coaching-individuals, relationship, and business coaching

Guidance from a Life Coach is beneficial for those seeking to obtain more balance in their life.  Life Coaches utilize varied techniques and tools to support clients towards goals.  Gained awareness from a life coaching session can increase confidence, and empower clients.

Many different techniques/tools can be used in life coaching to guide a person forward toward success in areas of career, recreation and creativity, spirituality and growth, relationships such as romance, significant other, friends, and family, body and health, money, physical environment, values, putting more of what you want in life and less of what you do not want, being and doing, overcoming fears, charting the story that you repeat often that blocks your success, looking at your personality and what your strengths are and where you would like to improve, where you are in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas of your life and how you can increase each one, creating your own mission statement for success.

Life Coaching can help you achieve, have transformation, be inspired, and manifest in your life of what you want in your life.  From Marci as a Life Coach a client could expect acceptance, understanding, commitment with an open-mind and heart.  Using different techniques and tools the intention is for you to experience achievement with clarity and knowledge and to have forward movement into reaching your goals.

Marci's goal is to keep you in positive focus, guide you into reaching your goals and dreams.  Believes that within each person there is a knowing and each person has the answers they need from within themselves.  Feels deeply honored to guide others into their greatness by trusting spirit, using her training from SWIHA.

It is important to remember that Coaches are NOT marriage counselors or therapist; Relationship coaching would not work with mental illness or deep psychological concerns from the past, including sexual abuse or major addictions that may be contributing to the couple's relationship concerns.  Coaches work with what is and what can be, not what was or has been formally diagnosed from mental or clinical perspective

Please see Blog tab on Life Coaching for further in depth information on this topic.  Please call or email for any additional questions or concerns.