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Code of Ethics

1.  To provide service to all with acceptance, compassion & caring with the intention to guide an individual toward their intention and goal.

2.  To with an open-mind and Heart accept a person where they are Now in their life and not judge that person of any past life experiences.

3.  Conduct a business and professional services with knowledge of respected boundaries/safe space between client and practitioner.

4.  That at any time for whatever reasons client or professional may terminate services with no obligation to the other.

5.  To respect the clients privacy & hold the clients information in strict confidence.

6.  For their to be complete honesty between the practitioner and client in regards to helping them move forward.

7.  To follow through on commitments made with the client to the best of practitioner ability and when its in clients best interest to refer client to someone who is more qualified.

8.  Under no circumstances will practitioner or client engage in any sexual conduct, sexual activities or relationships.

9.  Practitioner will avoid influencing the client other than guiding client in forwarded motion with what resonates with the client towards his/her goals.

10.  Follow the Code of Professional Ethics of American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABNLP) www.hypnotistextaminers.com/codehtmls